So you think Ravan is dead?

Dushera, Vijay Parv, the day when supposedly Lord Ram won over and killed Ravan. So is Ravan really dead? I differ in opinion, may be like a lot others.

Ravan, a disparaging rather insulting adjective used to describe Dasamukh, a devoted scholar of Vedas, a blessed devotee of Lord Shiv and ruler of three worlds. A cold blooded seizure of Sita, the wife of Ram, led to his end, demolishing a vast and glorious kingdom. Every year on, we celebrate Dushera to mark this event which we commemorate as the Victory of good over evil.

So is the evil, whom apparently historians named- Ravan, really dead? Does Good, generally believed to be- Ram, actually exists? Why was Ravan evil? Because he, as written by historians, kidnapped Sita? Yes, it was a shameful and utterly unethical thing to do. He can be called a kidnapper for that. But evil? That effectively means in modern times, atleast as depicted by Newspapers and News Channels, there are uncountable number of Ravans, the evil. Its nothing new to read or see either a rape, kidnap or murder, everyday. So where is Ram now? Isn't it the responsibility of the GOOD, Ram to defeat the EVIL, Ravan? Last week a lady journalist was shot dead at midnight in Delhi. Well, if kidnapping is called Evil, than murder should be perhaps, cruel or devilish. And where is Ram, the Delhi police has done nothing, absolutely nothing relevant towards solving any aspect of it.

This was just an example, the so called Ravan, the evil exists everywhere. To curb the growing displeasure at home against the September 11 'terrorist attacks', George Bush, the President of USA, ordered war against Afghanistan, no wonder Mr. Bush won the next election and his last term to the Office of president. Than to acquire the enormous oil banks of Iraq, Mr. Bush used and actually popularised the word WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destructions). Well as apparent to everyone else in world, there were no WMD's to be found in Iraq but a lot of black gold.

Going on to international affairs is rather easy, its better to solve problems at home and then criticise. Right, we have got no right to condemn and criticise, US's tough stance against anyone, because atleast they have a view, not like India, who is as confused as a 3 year old kid in a Glass maze. India always urged Pakistan to respect LOC while the latter always claimed the whole of Kashmir. Instead of going with Maharaja Hari Singh's accession, we still don't claim the so called POK. Same with China, who also have occupied a major portion on North-East Kashmir. So where is Ram now? Isn't it evil to occupy a neighbours assets, to kill many and destroy peace in neighbour's home?

These are rather well known issues. But here is a grass root example- to register a police complaint in certain parts of India, you actually have to pay a well deservedly asked bribe. Now this is no unknown criticism. Many can testify to this. We all know where we stand in the list of corrupted countries in world. Even this is evil, where is Ram? May be, only Valmiki knew them personally or may be even the Great Lord Ram is also tired of this nation. Whatever it is, we surely aren't missing Ravan.