Terror in Mumbai

48 hours on, the siege of Mumbai still continues. The terrorists continue to hold the city on gun point. Grenades, Assault riffles, RDX, Plastic explosives, The Taj, Oberoi, CST. These words are running through my mind like a wild fire in the forests of Florida.

They came, they fired and they shocked. Not a city, not a state, not a country but the world. Ofcourse it was an intelligence failure, a major blunder. But the act itself was dastardly, heinous, barbaric. Indiscriminately firing at innocent civilians without any motive or even any sense of what they himself are doing, these so called fidayeens have actually made a impact. The resilient city is no more ready to take it on, Enough is Enough. What happened in Mumbai is embarrassing, considering that the major damage was done in the premier 5 star hotels of the financial capital of the country.

Imagine this, some terrorists coming in from international waters, straight to monumental landmark, a 5 star hotel, a major tourist attraction which are frequented by westeners. Where can it happen? Only in India, i doubt even Somalia will let anyone take control of there territories like this. No its not a failure on the part of Mumbai Police, not by the NSG, not by MARCOS, not by ATS or by any uniformed defence personnel. Its a failure by the government. There were clear reports conveyed by the Army to the centre of the ship when it left the Pakistani territories. But it wasn't Army's job, which they did unselfishly. What were the famed RAW and IB doing? What's the point of having two separate Intelligence agencies for internal and external affairs and yet failing at both avenues?

The reports of terrorists doing the recee of the targets two month before the attacks published now are all but irrelevant. What were they doing then? What was the government doing? The devil in disguise, Narendra Modi, who unfortunately is the Chief Minister of a Indian State, was the first person to politicise the issue, no wonder. He is the person single handedly responsible for all these acts targeted on India because of his permissible, heinous crimes on a certain community which angered the sentiments of that particular community, almost 1/4 population of this world. Inspite of being advised, not to travel to the financial capital during the continuation of operations, he didn't gave any heed and transcended to make a speech and demanded a briefing from the media. A shame, such a shame, Narendra Modi, a scar on face of India, a scar on face on Gujarat.

But some people need a praise here although not completely. Mr. Advani was the first person to address the media after the attacks broke out and he clearly said, its not time to point fingers, its time to stand united, time to show these cowards that India is one. He made the point that the PM asked him to accompany him to Mumbai together. But the gold digger Mr. Advani is, he, escorted by his utility man, Jaswant Singh, flew to India even when the PM was in transit to show he is the first person to take stock of situation, as described by him, 'to take a feel' of situation. Was it necessary? Unanimous answer- NO. Mr. Sharad Pawar, Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav and even Ms. Mayawati, the worst of politicians otherwise, choose to keep the politics out of the attacks.

I know Mr. Bush is no angel. But the way he addressed the world after the 9/11 attacks, he showed why the world looks to the US as the 'big daddy'. Each and every word of his speech was so inspiring and motivating that in that hour of crisis, the world believed that the sacrifices of those dead won't be wasted. His speech filled everyone watching with a sense on confidence and self belief that the terrorists will be brought to justice. But the speech given by Mr. Manmohan Singh was so robotic, so numb, devoid of any emotion whatsoever that even the most optimistic of his supporter would have doubted his capacity as the PM of this great nation. That speech even failed to life the gloom of nation, forget instilling confidence.

Moreover, the points he made in his speech could and should have been avoided. When the brave men of police sacrificed there lives in the line of fire, shielding many innocent lives, the PM talked of reforming the Police system. How ironic? The blame should have been put on RAW and IB, to reform the intelligence system. Its not the duty of Police to guard the International waters. The police in India have a clearly defined role by the Indian Constitution and they did all what could have been done in the hour of crisis.

What needs to be done is pretty clear and evident. But when will the steps be taken remains to be seen. It won't be a surprise if we see another attacks sooner rather than later. Its not the time to point fingers. If India needs to develop and negate any such threats, the Congress and BJP need to join hands for atleast 10 years to insure the country remains on the course of development. The other parties don't stand any chance to challenge such an alliance.

As i conclude, there is a bitter sweet news, the NSG has taken control of Nariman House, at the expense of 5 hostages. I salute the elite NSG, MARCOS, Mumbai Police and all other elite forces who sacrificed there lives in the line of fire. I just wish that there sacrifices won't be wasted.