The Mirror Never Lies

As i faced my reflection last night, I saw it all- rage, helplessness, anger, frustration, hatred, sympathy. All that in my own eyes. I kept staring, trying to look as deep as possible, for the search of that answer, that solution which would have put an end to my pain, but alas, does God or more importantly 'Good' really exist?

A stunning revelation forced me to re-think the worth of life. Not that its unknown or uncommon, but the perils of evil kept away from me, till last night. In a moment the harsh reality of world made a permanent 'Chateau' in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, in my veins. I was never unrealistic but never unethical as well. I never felt this pain in my life ever before which i did last night. As i lay on the bed, deprived of sleep, reasoning with myself, my entire moderate upbringing flashed in my sub-conscious mind, in grey frames. How lucky was I? Did I ever had to worry about tomorrow? NEVER. And yet i always complained for that Timex watch which my brother was having, that fancy cap which i knew i will never use again, that Mechanical pencil which my friend got from the States, that New Port Jean, that Hero bike et ce tra.

These privileges are not even worth dreaming about for the most of world and yet how insensible and ignorant people are? Those cocktail cheering socialites, money minting celebrities, armani clad corporates have no right to voice concern about the suffering of the needy. Why can't you help eradicate the poverty when you have earning worth a fortune every single second of your life? Instead you will use that to build a giant-sized mansion or to buy a business jet or a luxury yacht.

We live in a ignorant, insensible world, where people like inflicting pain and suffering on fellow human beings rather than being compassionate. If that was the world the creator dreamt of, then the creator is the biggest sinner of humanity and the world its biggest sin. And if its a dream turned nightmare, then its time for the end, the re-evolution. This world doesn't deserve to exist. The human race doesn't deserve to survive. Why is it that one human being is estimated at US$ 135 Million and the other in Zimbabwean Dollars? Why do we have Amnesty's and HRW's when the human rights themselves vary from person to person?

Some provokers fired a rage of provokes towards an occupier and the occupier massacred hundreds of innocent civilians. The master, thousands of miles away, refuses to order its slave to halt the barbarism. 1,000 lives for 3? Is that what you call defense? Pardon me for disagreeing with the dictionaries, its time to review some meanings. Though that's just a part of ignorance we face in these times, its a very recent example.

The tag-line of a TV commercial keeps flashing in front of my eyes ever since i saw that - Does our conscience choose our actions? Those who answered yes will probably be as extinct as the Yeti's of Himalayas.

Its official, i hate this world, i refuse to be sympathetic, pitiful, compassionate or tolerant to my fellow beings. They don't deserve it., this world don't deserve it. Those who do, doesn't deserve to be living in this rotten hell.

Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

I wonder how would he have rephrased his comment if he was to suffer in these times ???