Conn Iggulden: Historical Fiction at its Best

Conn Iggulden

From Julius Caesar to Shakespeare to his own life story, Iggulden took the audience on a laughter ride. Making fun of himself, sharing his experiences, Iggulden talked about Julius Caesar's fascinating story.

First Iggulden played psychologist, explaining what led to Julius Caesar being so violent. "Julius Caesar was kidnapped at the age of 19 & held for ransom. He decided, when I will eventually be free, I'll kill all of them."

"One of the difficulties of Historical Fiction is that sometimes you have to make your own stories"

Blessed with an amazing sense of humor, Iggulden just kept the audience spell bound with experiences like this: "I once asked a tribal: How do you separate sheep from a goat? Tribal: why do you want to separate sheep from a goat?"

And it couldn't have been more aptly put than this: "Every writer is a reader first." and "People do care about each other. We are all interested in others."

About the author:

Teacher Turned bestselling writer, Conn Iggulden, credits his Irish mother, who explained history to him as a series of exciting stories together with an early diet of Flashman, Jack Aubrey and Sharpe, as having kindled his interest in historical fiction. His own career took off in 2003 with The Gates of Rome, the first in his Emperor series following the life of Julius Caesar. His new series based on Genghis Khan, leaped straight into the bestseller lists.