12/12 Copenhagen Conference Call for Action



All around the world communities are taking action to spread the number 350, the safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere measured in parts per million, and make sure world leaders are on course to reach that target.

Sounds weird right? Well, there's an animation that explains everything in just 90 seconds. Check it out here: http://www.350.org/animation.

It's urgent that we act together and build a movement that will solve the climate crisis and ensure a safe and just future for the world.

Please join me, and help build this movement at 350.org


The plan is to deliver photographs of destruction by climate change and the action people took till date to respective embassies and consulates. We need to reach out as many embassies as possible before November 30th. We need to take photographs as well when we deliver the pictures to embassy/consulate officials.

Then on December 12, we need to gather at JBR to form a human chain with the numericals 350 and join the united effort with our fellow human beings all over the world.

Remember the world is burning and we need at act, act fast.


La Communica said...

Great initiative. You can coun't on my support.
If you read this: please joine, too! We owe this to the planet and the generations to follow.

Joe Solomon said...

Money, Great post! Thank you so much for your work to spread the 350 message and rally the Dubai community. It's the actions you're taking now, reaching out to your embassies and consulates and prepping for Dec. 12th, that are laying the groundwork for a sustained climate movement and together with efforts around the world hold hope for getting us back to a sustainable future. Keep it up & keep us posted! Deeply appreciate and feel better knowing you're a part of the movement. - Joe, Joe@350.org