The Grown-Up Kids

First it was P-5, than it became G-8, then came G-8+5, now it’s G-20. The number of influential nations of the world has grown steadily with the changing world order. From its foundation till the end of 20th Century, United Nations has remained a largely irrelevant organisation working on or around instructions from these influential nations.

The dangers that we face today aren't from others, rather than our own mistakes and due to short-sightedness of our forefathers. The threats are mutual yet the thinking is pretty much individualistic. Every nation, big or small, rich or poor, powerful or weak, has their own perception of threat, but none the willingness to engage. The herald of new century has bought grave problems with it.

The grave challenge we face today is highlighted by the fact that even in face of natural calamities, our elected representatives cannot come together due to self interests.

In the last few years, major multilateral negotiations like Doha Development Round, nuclear negotiations with countries like Iran and North Korea, Middle East Peace talks etc. have failed or yielded little gains, mainly due to the unwilling parties. To reach to compromise situation, all the parties have to walk some distance, some a little, some a little more.

Countries like United States, China and India need to act responsibly to make the Copenhagen Conference a success, a milestone for the future generations, a guiding path for the survival of humanity. It's been a long since the United Nations has been called an irrelevant group of unbending nations. It’s time to change the notion and set some things straight.

Today, on the International Day of Climate Action, we all stand on the crossroads of eccentricity and survival. It’s upon us to decide how our coming generations will remember us- as a selfish race or as HUMANS with heart.