An interesting discussion on Global Warming yesterday took my thought process to a complete new journey which had nothing to do with Climate Change or anything related to that. Its pretty strange how the western paranoia and insecurity of losing the Super Power position is now taking fore in almost all global issues. While discussing Global Warming, a western yesterday complained how world doesn't bother about actual issues like "nuclear proliferation, extreme poverty, infectual disease etc etc etc China." Now apart from the last "so called problems" were pretty much general or non-country specific. But what about calling CHINA a problem?

Now, to make things clear, I am an Indian, a proud one, and its a very well know fact that India lost a border war with China back then in 1962 and the two countries are not the best of friends or neighbours. I also acknowledge that there is no comparison between India and China in any aspect. China is miles ahead let it be its Economic Strength, Military, Infrastructure Development and many things. But at the same time I myself am a critic of poor standards of human rights in China and the frequent unlawful executions.

But, in this blog post, I will write only about the paranoia and insecurity that breeds in the mind of many in the western world. China, the world's most populous country is now the second largest economy (GDP-PPP) in world, second only behind USA. But the important thing is that during the worst recession after 1930s, China is still growing, though at a relatively slower pace whereas USA is contracting. China currently holds a foreign currency reserve equivalent to more than $2 Trillion. China is world's largest exporter of non-defense products and the second largest outsourcing destination in the world. All this combined would definitely make China the world leader if we lived in a conflict free, unmilitarized world. But that said, we don't. And unfortunately thats the only thing which always decides the balance of power in geo-politics.

That is only why USA is still considered the most powerful nation in world. But they know that China is catching up fast and they are doing everything to delay, if not halt, the progress. But, its inevitable and even Obama acknowledged it by visiting China before a Chinese state visit.

The balance is shifting towards the west of west.