Some days which you just discard from your life diary can turn out to be probably the best ones of your life. I say this with profound knowledge and experience. Had a terrible day dealing with a Kazakh who didn't know a word of english or arabic neither to read properly. Left office at around 9.30 compared to usual days when I wind things up by 6 or 6.30 at the max. Was so tired by the time I reached home that I just wanted to sleep- sleep, sleep and sleep. Logged on to twitter to check if there is any buzz about Oprah Winfrey and her antiques, well, yeah, but subtle, dying bits, after all, the UAE twitter community cannot stand against a huge celebrity like Oprah, regardless of her insensitive and unverified rheotric.

Ever since I got an iphone, my usual email communication has taken a massive hit. No, I don't say iphone doesn't have a very good email client or lagging push services, infact iphone does pretty good task of pushing your emails through in real time. But, iphone doesn't have as better email integration as a BlackBerry do + the touch screen keyboard makes it even unattractive to reply immediately.

Because of all above reasons, I didn't check my emails all day and was left to deal with them for the later part of evening. One by one, i started reading/answering the emails and amidst of all that replying/forwarding crazy business, I received a couple of emails, which I wasn't expecting to come so soon. First one's a little sketchy and can't be discusses right now, but the second one was probably one of the most exciting 4 sentence email I ever got in my whole life:

Hello Money,

Thank you for applying to be a part of the GCCA Fresh Air Center in Copenhagen. We would love to have you! We’ll send you logistical details when we have them – for now know that your application has been accepted and you can plan to work out of the Fresh Air Center.


For someone like me, it was an absolutely breath-taking moment. To blog from the same platform as Greenpeace, Oxfam, 350, World Wildlife Federation etc is nothing sort of unbelievable for a 24 year old from a small city of Rajasthan, India.

What I want to do from Fresh Air Centre is to take the climate change problem to semi-urban, rural households in third world countries. I want people to think about climate change before they think about the threat eminating from a neighbour or from a country situated half way across the planet. No, its we ourselves who is the greatest enemy of human-kind, of our sustainable future. Let's work to get our goal, let's work to get our rightful place in history, as the nurtures of this planet, not as the destroyers.

Appeal: Please check out to learn more about 350 and how you can help. Remember: Our planet is burning and we need to act, act fast.