Mistaken Identity

Today, I am revisiting a topic which was probably the most sensitive of all in the 20th Century. But I want to revisit it from Professor Robert Langdon's point of view or for those of you who don't follow Dan Brown, symbolical point of view.

Swastika a symbol in existence in world for more than 5,000 years, have often been seen as a legacy of Adolf Hitler's Nazi era by many around the world, till they opened their eyes to the reality, the world existed to their east as well.

What has often been referred to as a symbol of hatred and racism is actually a very lucky and auspicious religious symbol. Ask any follower of Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism, the Swastika is one of the holiest symbols in all these faiths.

[caption id="attachment_53" align="alignleft" width="278" caption="The Indian Swastika"]The Indian Swastika[/caption]

Swastika originated from the Sanskrit word Svastik - "????????". The earliest evidences of Swastika appear as early as 10,000 BCE, in the upper paleolithic age, in the Indus Valley Civilisation. Indian Swastika is different from those used by sun worshippers. Perhaps the usage of Swastika by Nazi party as their political symbol can be explained by the Aryan descent of Germans. But Swastika is a symbol used by civilisations all across the planet and is generally used as a lucky charm for prosperity.

In, India, the two symbols represent the two forms of the creator: facing right it represents the evolution of the universe (Devanagari: ?????????, Pravritti), facing left it represents the involution of the universe (Devanagari: ????????, Nivritti)
The Indian Swastika


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