What's The Worth?

What good have you done for someone else today?

You have a well paid job, a fancy car, a decent place to live in and almost everything that makes your life comfortable. You can easily spend an average East African resident's  monthly earning on your daily evening entertainment. On top of that, you complain! Complaints about trivial things- Oh my, the grocery store next door is selling Evian for 7 dhs!! That's wrong! - without realising that clean drinking water, forget evian, is still a dream in many parts of this world!

It's not just about how much money you have in your bank account or what cigar you smoke? At the end of it all, you aren't taking nothing with you. It all ends right here, right then. All the materialism dies with you. What leaves behind is how you lived. What good you did for someone else for them to remember and preserve your legacy? What difference you made in the lives of those unfortunate and suppressed, whom you could have or perhaps should have helped?

To complain about something and not doing anything about it, is called HYPOCRISY. And slowly, but surely, we are all moving towards that point.

Take time to think what good you did today for someone else. The realisations might just give a meaning to your life.