Cracking the Shell

Okay, we are the biggest secular democracy of world, agreed, One Hundred Percent.

Its been a little over 61 years since India was liberated and the highly coveted and wanted Independence was achieved. But where do we stand after those roller coaster like 61 years? Lets analyse, unbiasedly, of course.

Before i began, i would like to share a view, which was given or rather imposed on be someone very dear.


Although it was a no holds barred discussion, there were some points i was quick to adopt and acknowledge. Though some were arguable and debatable.

But the point in question is, where do we stand in terms of our International Colleagues? Although we got independence more than 6 decades before, out education system was never overhauled. We still read, mug up and write the words written 200 years before by the historians appointed by certain affluent sects of society. The fact is that the description of certain events in past was written to provide positive publicity to the person getting it written, so that after centuries and ages, they will remain the pride of history when they were actually the scar.

Our education system cover up history of not more than 1200 years, which effectively means we study only about the travellers and invaders, whereas our history dates back to more than 1,20,00,000 years (the oldest human skull found in Madhya Pradesh). Infact any intelligent 8th grader will tell you all about Mughals, Marathas, Maharana Pratap, Jhansi ki Rani, East India Company and independence. But what about Ashoka or Chandragupta. The importance of Kautilya, better known as Chanakya or the atomic explosion during Mahabharata are relatively unknown. Yes, these are not conclusions, these are facts. Our history is much older than an average Indian can imagine, all thanks to our education system.

The base of future is built on its past. If we do no plan well in past, there are rare, almost no chances of succeeding in future. If we do not know our history well, our generations will be deprived of the rich source of inspiration. A child learns by choice and by logic. If he reads a certan 1200 years of history, he will not even think of comparing two certain individuals or events. A child may compare Aurganzeb with Akbar, but what about Ashoka and Chandragupta? The religiuos books are a very good source of information, but a conclusion is arrived after conflicting various thoughts.

The question remains! Who will do the hard work? Right now we have a well in place and accepted educational system. But is it all that we need to teach our children, the so called future of nation? No, do not remove them, but add the glorified past. Let them also realise in spirit that we were actually a GOLDEN SPARROW. Right now, the system portraits us the same as before. We never saw the riches in our history books.

We need to get out of this shell. We are one of the oldest civilisations in the world, much older than the invaders who ruled over us, and who regard themselves to be superior in race. Our recent history dates back to the times even when a so called powerful nation was not even discovered. We are not inferior to anyone and its high time our own children are made this thing realised, by the books they read.


Anonymous said...

Inspite of RAJA RAJ before Moguls and British Raj, we had real damocracy. Our saints used to make and suggest code of conduct to the rulers and they used to implement at large.Exceptions are always there.

They were called as Rajarshi and were respected more than the rulers.It was not like now where we see democracy on papers. In real sense we have hundreds of MLAs, MPs,Ministers and beurocrats who are Rajas of their MOHULLAs and general public is their slaves.

It is recalled that in those times before Moguls, if there is any Raja not falling in line of the Senior rulers, they used to have Ashwamedh Yagya, just to curb the lawlessness, as Chakravarti Raja used to have special respect.

Power was not used to conquer people physically only, but by heart also.It was not survival of fittest, it was Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Well hello?

Do you update more often?