Survival of the Fittest

Again, Yet again. It has now become a routine to come home in evening and watch a city burning and the politicians and bureaucrats condemning. And things will start fussing out the next day itself and very soon there will be another explosion reeling away innocent lives. And the politicians and bureaucrats will again condemn.

The Indian Government is admitably the WORST in responding to any terrorist attack on its own territories. Whether it be any political party having the reigns of Parliament, the situation remains the same. They just CANNOT ACT. And there will be the same, lame excuses- We are the land of Gandhi and Nehru, we are a peace loving democracy. The Indian Government just cannot act and moreover they won't let the Armed forces act either. What can be more shameful than terrorist rampaging in a Country's Parliament? How safe are the commoners when the elite of elite are not out of there reach?

Yes, agreed, we are a country of Gandhi and Nehru, but don't forget, we are a country of Foreign Ministers like Jaswant Singh, who personally flew with some terrorists, sent them home and negotiated with hijackers. And we would just defend ourselves saying that was for many innocent lives. If that is so then we should search the history databases for the Israeli rescue mission for there people. But we just CANNOT ACT.

Its now the 5th instance in very recent times when a metropolis was the target of militant infiltration. And what can be worst than the capital of a huge country? Even small nations fight and defend there own boundaries, rather effectively. But we, standing at 3rd position in terms of number of security personnel in world, fail so often, so miserably. The so called RAW, IB and other intelligence agencies exist practically in papers. After any terrorist attack they will come up with there own reports about some fake assassination plans and terrorist confessions. Just to ward off any outclash from the innocent citizens and to give media something to discuss and debate, which they do, rather commercially.

The Armed forces are so bound by the constitution and held up by the politicians that they cannot act without there consent, even for the interest of this country. They are capable enough to eliminate every single trespassing in our territories but the vote banks have to be nurtured, nourished and kept happy. We all know how easily and often the political parties burn-out there agendas as soon as they assume power.

Yes, the lawmakers do catch some suspects but then comes the Indian Judicial System. An average civil case in India is like a 5-year plan. And the different hierarchy levels of courts effectively means that if a 40-year old is under trial for any case and after appeals, convictions, re-appeal, re-convictions, he would have passed his life time out without any decision or imprisonment. The police and intelligence agencies claim they found the mastermind and next week you will face the wrath of another terrorist act. What does that imply? Is the mastermind using telepathy to connect to his followers or colleagues? The logic of some claims by the bureaucrats is beyond an average Indian's understanding.

The question remains the same- Why is the Government so numb? Why after all these continued infiltrations at the cost of innocent lives, we are still so helpless? What is stopping us from acting? Are we not capable enough? The intelligence failure is never a big offence in India, may be thats why the intelligence agencies are not so concerned about there tasks or we just do not have the resources to tackle the very smart terrorists. The so called terrorists often use the cyber space to inform about any attack they are going to carry out and yet we fail to stop them.

Newton's third law of motion stats- Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If the great scientist was alive today, he would have been forced to eat his words and burn his research after Indian Government's no reaction theory.

In fact its time we remember other famous Scientist- Charles Darwin and his theory of 'Survival of the Fittest'. Its time to act and defend ourselves to stay alive in this country. In this civilised society and constitutional democray we almost forgot that. But now we should know that we are living in a forest and there are no laws, no lawmakers and no protectors here. Everyone for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Our Nation is in the similar situation of time of Magadh Samrajya(regime) under Maha Padma Nand, Where Intelligence was used to spy ministers and teachers or cream of the soceity in order to protect the interest of the ruler.Why we criticise RAJA KA RAJ because it did not have voice of people. But then, this country had Chanakya who created Chandragupt and used same tactices to protect people.

Unfortunately, in modern times, we had Mahatma Gandhi who created Nehru, he in turn, created Kashmir problem,by taking issue to UNO, which was purely an internal issue.

The results are these blasts.

ruchir said...

hey man, just tell me how u get so much time to write this so called "modern" means of expressing sarcasticism