Unjustified Tolerance-2

Mumbai- India's commercial capital, the financial hub of one of the fastest growing countries in world, the base of one of the biggest film industries in world, the home of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual 40 million people. There is so much to be proud of, about Mumbai. But unfortunately, some people correction, some pessimists always want to hinder the evolution process.

Raj Thackeray, the outspoken rebel, who employed a very simple tactic, very similar to the one's used by the British Raj, to gain some quick publicity and following. Its been some time since he broke apart from Shiv Sena, but never gained enough importance in the state politics till now. But as any other politician, he has started using cheap regional tactics to gain some supporters and establish his political influence in the state.

Maharasthra Navnirman Sena, thats what Raj named his party. To begin with, its a small regional party, formed in early 2006 as a result of internal clashes and contradictory views of Raj and Bal Thackeray, the supremo of Shiv Sena, of which Raj was the so called crown prince, ahead of Bal Thackeray's son, Uddhav. Though its been more than 2 years now, the party gained impendum only after Raj deployed his forces against the so called Hindi-speaking population of India's biggest Metropolis. The party is still not considered a big force or of any political relevant even in Mumbai.

But Raj is not anyway like his uncle Bal Thackeray. Yes, Bal Thackeray has his own views which are to an extent extreme, but Raj used fairly cheap and old yet effective tactics to establish his newly formed party. Its similar to what the British Raj used to rule over India. To divide and rule. The population of Mumbai is around 40 Million, but out of that, majority are immigrants from other states. They live and earn a decent livelihood in Mumbai, but majority are still not the choosers when it comes to Elections. The voting population still, largely remains the locals or the immigrants who have been living from ages and therefore has accepted it as there motherland. Raj just want to use this age old tactic to attract the local, electoral population, towards his party, make some following and use it as the vote bank for elections. Well, considering the Indian politics and politician, its a fairly wise choice and smart strategic move.

As the burning of English/Hindi hoardings, posters was not enough, Raj started attacking affluent immigrant personalities personally. Mr. Amitabh Bachhan's residence in Mumbai was attacked by MNS party workers. Stones were thrown, effigies and posters were burnt. To the extent that they stopped the premier of one of his film. Mr. Bachhan, as wise, diplomatic and highly respected responsible citizen of Mumbai, Maharashtra and India came out publicly on camera to apologise for Mrs. Jaya Bachhan's comments for which Mrs. Bachhan had already apologised on camera. For what? Just because Raj Thackeray wanted so.

Warnings after warnings, abuses after abuses, breaking laws and continued ultimatums for unethical and insensible things, started coming rather rapidly from Raj. But the state Government just couldn't act. Nothing at all. The followers and party workers of MNS continued rampaging shops and homes, attacking individuals, but the Government never let the Police act. The helplessness and frustration of Police was evident in there statements to media. But our democratic set-up don't let police to act independently. They have to get warrants, orders and many other formalities needs to be completed before they can take any action. But we all know, our politicians would never let anyone act for the betterment of our country.

The Government don't even have any excuse for it. I can be arrested for writing this blog, although my RIGHT TO SPEECH gives me all authority to express my views. But in Jungle Raaj there are no rights, its just the race to survive amongst the beasts. Gob be with us.


Anonymous said...

There are two basic issues here.Is India a multicultural country so is Mumbai? No, This is a one culture nation ,however there are different traditions for eating,clotheing and living. This by lack of knowledge ,we call culture. Culture is based on some ethichs of life, it is philosophy of the life, soul of soceity,but what we treat as culture is what we see, the outer body.

Second basic point raised here is linguistic behavior.This is not mistake of Any Raj Thakrey or Bal Thakrey.The roots are to be seen in the formation of states in India after British Raj. It was then suggested by very many patriots and real Bhartiya, who understood this country, that for better administration India should be devided into Zones based on geography, not based on people speaking same language at large.

Unfortunately, the so called modern India was discovered by people like Jawaharlal Nehru(who said, I born in India by accident) under the guidance of British patriots like Mountbaten(so called Lord)who wanted India to devide into pieces.

Had India not devided into small states based on languages, there would not have been incidents like Raj or Bal Thakrey.

The Casts, Languages and traditions were made to administer the soceity properly by our previous generations. The same tools are being used to win the votes and break the country.This is just begining. The states are further going to break into districts, towns and Mohullas, if it is not stopped here by All Bhartiyas.