Back to Work

Its good to be back to work after a gruelling week of extensive and unorganised travelling. A week off can do wonders to boring schedule and spring new ambitions and aspirations to front. Thats exactly what has happened.

Well, after the wet and quite cool India, its back to dry and very hot Dubai. Thats one part i hate most. From absolute 15 Degree, landing to 45 degrees is like going to Hell from Heaven. But i guess compromises are as necessary in one's life as daily bread. And eventually we develop a habit of making compromises even when we deserve something rightously. Thats life.

So the presentation mechanism got a whole new look, and its much better than the earlier white plastics. The inventory got reshuffled and orgainsed. Its looking tidier now. Its time to get set fot the upcoming festive season. How world would be without festivals? I love them personally.

Personally, sunday couldn't have been any better. First, revokcation of old associate, than Chelsea winning the season opener emphatically and to celebrate that, what can be better than a dinner at Jumeirah Beach Hotel with some ol' buddies? Drinks and dance is the flavour of any party and it was none less at ours as well. One helluva time.

And then something pissing- someone calling you at 3.36 at night? And that also a wrong number! Sickening. Why can't someone check the number before dialling. And why the hell do you call someone at the wee hours? Well the last question can have unlimited answers but yeah it was very irritating.