In India, Do as the Indians Do!!

Ok!! So, the indian fairy tale / nightmare ends here. Being home is always like a fairy tale and Mumbai in Monsoon is always a nightmare. No point complaining, home is where heart is. So the indian love story is on pause for now.

The last 3 days were wonderful to say the least!! Freaking out with long lost school friends, a all boys party was something long cherished and accidentally fulfilled. Although the best of friends were missing, but, for a change, those present weren't a let down either. The memories of good ol' days crossed the hyper consciuos minds and are still very much in the horizon.

This was a Raksha Bandhan trip, which i mentioned a lot of times earlier as well. Infact this was the first time i was in deficit on an Indian trip in place of being with surplus like other times around. Infact i think Raksha Bandhan is not the best time for a India trip, but i ain't complaining. I have atleast 10 strong threads and hopefully a lot more blessings guarding me for a year.

Love's lost or perhaps a ray in the dark? Answers have to be given or doubts cleared, before its too late. But i surely learnt one thing, it happens.

The short trip was nice but whirlwind, waiting for the Eid Holidays (more anxiously my birthday, which conincedes ;) ), will hit back again for sure, atleast thats planned for now.

Ok, my first blog from India said try Boeing 777 AI 716 flight from Dubai to Mumbai, but i take it back. I took AI717 from Mumbai to Dubai and for the first time in my life, i felt that scarry feeling. The face-off with death, the fear of it sent me shivering and the crew shouting on radio made it even worse. Reporting bad weather when there was no sign of it at all. Anyways, i am stil recapturating from that. Gotta rush for another Raksha Bandhan tying, locally.