Enriching India

I should have written a post every 4 hours , but instead i am writing this after 4 days! India is always a different experience and moreover if its Mumbai in Monsoon. The incessant rains and horrible infrastructure makes a complete nightmarish experience. Even the first impression leaves one wondering whether its India's Financial Capital or some small city, century old Airport. Bombay, sorry, Mumbai need to learn from Evu (A small trading centre in China) first rather than dreaming of becoming Shanghai!! Its centuries behind and things are not looking good either. I am being realistic rather than pessimist as might sound.

Well the first day was horrible, An International Exhibition, that also of who's who from the World's Diamond and Gold Fraternity needs some proper management and more importantly some better timing. Mumbai is just fine, if the exhibition is organised in any other time of year. Mumbai in monsoons is something even the locals don't like, forget the overseas visitor. But instead of organising the premium event in February, the GJEPC organises the Goa show for leisure rather than trade. Even a 5-year old kid in mumbai can do better than the event organisers. Pity, India is a democracy with more loopholes than fillers. Against expectation, the next Generations of the bureaucrats think even worse than them.

I might be a big critic if Indian political and Government administration system, but i can't say the same about Indian Movie Industry. Well they surely knows how to make money, who cares about sensible cinema. The fact restrengthened after watching Singh is King- A flick with no story line, yet more than capable of attracting the crazy Indian Movie buffs to cinema halls. So much that we have to pay 150 bucks for a ticket of just 80. Well thats India. But the movie experience didn't ended there, there was more in line. The Dark Knight certainly kept everyone on the edge of seats, even K-JO. Well a American dude would have not even slept if he would have walked out of a Beverly Hills theatre with Steven Spielberg, but K-JO ain't Spielberg nor am i American. So it was nothing more than walking alongside a GAY Pansie in a comparatively less liberal society, but mind you he seemed definitely a Ladies Man.

On personal front, this one is a Rakshabandhan trip- the festival of empty pockets for brothers and BIG gifts for sisters. But i am not complaining. It feels good to have so many caring sisters- love ya all. So its time for time away from the wet weather to a relatively less watery place. But the jitters of going back are already felt and thats something i don't want to think about right now.

And yeah, something to be complimented, next time if you are flying from Dubai to Mumbai, please try Air India's AI716 Flight. If you can afford to leave at 5 from Dubai, its worth the time wasted at the Mumbai Airport, just the air hostess could have been better and polite and may be younger, not 50 +. But still the credit should be given to the State run airlines. Boeing 777 is something worth being proud of.
Signing off for now!!