The Great Indian Media Challenge

Ok, This ones got nothing to so with my routine. Its about something we call home.

While reading other day about the warning by a certain Mr. Ratan Tata to an Honourable Indian State Goverenment, here West Bengal, i just wondered will Indian ever get out of the myth so called as MEDIA? Its such a shame that the Indian Media always try to protect the rich, affluent and influential people. Correction- they do not protect them, rather they get there pockets filled in exchange of creating a favourable and sympathetic image for them. And if someone messes with the Mafia, i mean the Media, they get a shot in the arm. Media will destroy there public image. So much so that, to save the family members of a 14 year old murdered girl, a certain news channel went on to conduct there own trial on Air. If thats what they think is Trial by Media then they need to read the Indian Law.

Lets get to the case. The dream Indian car, the 100,000 Rs. car promised by Tata and launched in hifty jifty with promises of commercial production and market launch by September-October, 2008. First of all, it was and never will be under or even near to the 100,000 Rs. mark as promised by the manufacturer. Secondly, the sub standard quality of equipments used will surely make one wonder is it really worth driving that car?

Ok, my point in not that. The warning given by Mr. Tata to the West Bengal government to reshift the Nano Plant to somewhere else was projected by the media as it was all the goverenment's fault. We are so used to fed by the waiters in restaurants that whatever the media serve us, we just pounce on that. The actual facts are always covered up so brilliantly that no one believes them even when they really pop out.

Mr. Tata is a businessman. And we all know, that promises of businessmen are meant for quote unquote. He promised the Indian Dream car and when he couldn't actually get his engineers to work on cost controls, he started blaming the government. The truth is that the car or even the prototypes are not ready and won't be for sometime. And thats why the manufacturer starts to point out the obstacles which never existed and actually surfaced after the media highlighted his statements. Now these so called obstacles will be taken as causes of delay in manufacturing of the car and so the public will be fooled yet again.

No, i am not paid by any automobile company to paste this up in my blog, no one reads it anyways. But its just that i am sick of the Indian Media trying time and again and succeeding in fooling the Common Man. We really need a Media Commission which actually try to verify the contents. That would be the day when we get a clear picure. A country of 115 Crore people can get satisfied so easily by 3 Medals in a Summer Olympics. No, its the media that satisfies us by the constant delivery of same stories again and again making us think as we have acquired more than 10 medals in a day. The fact is that we finished at 50th position and when we actually see the list of countries finishing above us, its actually a shame. The best example is Zimbabwe, with all the political and internal turmoil in the country and even facing isolation from the international community, it finished at 38th position with 1 gold and 3 silvers.

Maybe it will change and that will be the dawn of a new era in India.