TV's Back

LOL!! Yeah, atlast the problems with my satelite TV were fixed by two gentlemen who appeared out of nowhere. Gosh! Its hard to live without TV in these times. Imagine missing the moment of glory in Olympics or the probbing spell of Zaheer that made Jaya and Sanga look like debutants or Deco's 27 metre near post netter in first EPL game. Well, TV again helps, with the relays ofcourse.

So, the misery continues, the long and agonising wait to get the driving test rescheduled is getting on my nerves. How senseless people can be sometimes? Specially when they are given undue power and authority. Guess thats how it works. The deserving never get the rightous.

Well, the weather is definately getting unpredictable. The Global Warming's really affecting. How else would someone explain temperatures ranging from 36 to 24 degrees 24 hours hours apart? But for a change 36 degrees is welcomed in August.

Ramadan is someone all the people wait. Some for its auspisiousity, holiness, purity and some for the sheer fun of a good 4-5 days off. Its as eagerly anticipated every year as a Olympic Gold for US. Am looking forward to it, more so because it happens to be my birthday around as well.

The travelling time appears to be coming near. Well hate it, but have to.

Off for now!!