Yeh hai bambai meri JAAN..

People end there day with a blog, like Mr. Amitabh Bachan and i write it at 3 in afternoon. Thats what so unique about me. My mom always used to say i am different, though she meant it in a sarcastic way. But lol, i am different i guess.

So, yesterday, first day of week, was actually quite hectic. Yes, it was work, but not all work. The social obligations, the will to give back to society also had to be addressed. As well as a commitment with some friends for a long due dinner.

It started with a good news ofcourse. Getting the driving test date rescheduled is an achievement in itself. And my man for the job did that after a bit of drama. But all's well when it ends well.

The appointments are, for a change, getting honoured this week, unlike a fortnight back. People seems to have finally settled in the business spirit after the vacation lay off.

Never expect, that way, you get satisfied easily. Thats exactly what happened on the social responsibility front. I didn't expected anyone and i got a 8 times satisfaction. Things are good, taking shape.

Now, the dinner, well. Nothing beats live music, nothing. Ae dil hai mushkil, jeena yaha, Jara hatke, jara bachke, yeh hai bambai meri jaan. The requests were obliged instantaneously and never stopped actually. The good ol' days. Memories remain.

Crashing at 2.30 and then getting up at 9 is what i hate most, but well, have to do it. Its about earning a bread (with some butter, jam, cheese etc). getting ready for another day.