Wandering Emotions!!

After the Mesmerising (and LONG) evening the other night, would have never left the bed if the window blinds were also laid to rest properly with me. But the dizzy eyes cordinating with half dead brain and unwilling hands could just pull the cords to satisfy themselves.

The mind started to curse the world as soon as it experienced the day light first hand. Global warming gave us a pleasant (momentary)gift. The scene of Crying Sky is non existent in this part of world in AUGUST. The mercury seemed to be dipping to bottom for the current climatic conditions and cool breeze crashing against the face at 10.30 in morning. Although till now we used to have clothes only for two-Hot and Warm climates in our wardrobe, it seems the third ones will have to be filled in Soon. Unbelievable but true!!!

The feeling of being stranded in the middle of town, waiting for a cab, is something everyone (not having the privilege of a Driving License) in Dubai can understand. And when the wait goes from minutes to hours, the value and importance of time becomes suddenly all the more important. Even more when the time wasted is not for your own self. So thats how the day started.

My newly found relaxed approach towards work (read PROBLEMS) saved someone from my wrath today and i am sure myself a week before would have thwarted that person to all corners of his huge body frame. But still the silence expressed everything, he couldn't look in my eyes. Am getting convinced that this will work or may be for sometime, till than, temper has to pack bags for a vacation.

Shopping always helps, even for GUYS!!!! But only when the bill is paid off with free vouchers. Wonder how the agony of an entirely horrible day can be sublimated by some paper money? Thats one reason why i love spending in stores with loyality points, though, to discover that out of 450, a voucher of 100 bucks have already expired, is like LOSS IN PROFIT. But as they say, something is better than nothing.

After a partially enjoyable (the evenings were wonderful) and musical week so far, in which i experienced some soul stirring Latin American, Indian Classical and some meaningful World Music, it looks like that finally will put the machine on hibernation latest by 10 today and prepare myself for another (and possibly the last, end of that BLUNDER) painstaking task (which is yet unjustified to myself). But nonetheless, not a typical day, getting a cab was itself an achievement and that feeling soon transformed to anger, but, somehow, unbelievably, i held my nerve. And the 350 bucks vouchers soon pushed out the anger to joy and will hopefully get some much needed change to my wardrobe, it wasn't upgraded for 3 months.