Unjustified tolerance

When a government becomes too numb to something, the citizens are easy prey and more vulnerable. Thats what exactly is happening in India.

In very recent times, the country had suffered serial bombings in 3 religiously harmonic and growing metropolises and managed, somehow, to avert 1. After disturbing Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad were taken on sword by the terrorists in consecutive days and the third disaster averted in Surat the very next day. What does it symbolises? Has the Indian Government left the situation on itself? Or the terrorists are too smart for them to catch? Whatever it does, it surely concludes that the Government had taken a very unique stand on it, which no country and i REPEAT, no country in world can or will do- tolerance, UNJUSTIFIED TOLERANCE.

Agreed India is a country of huge proportions, both by size and population, but is that an excuse. We should look at how China has used it huge population as an asset instead of blaming it for failures and short-comings. With a population of 115 Crore people, pre-dominantly youth, the Government should use it as the best means of internal security. Instead of that, the head-constable on road pulls up a software engineer walking at 11.30 pm. His fault- he was walking hand in hand with his girl friend at 11.30 pm because there shifts are from 2 to 10 pm. Thats India and thats the alertness possessed by our Security forces.

Moreover, even a 5 year old, if hit by a bully on road, will retaliate and fight for it. But what does India do? India just condemn the bombings, correction, Condemn the bombings in strong words. When asked what were RAW and IB doing all the time? There is a foundry minted reply from the officials- We are trying our best to take stock of situation and will let you know after the investigations are over. Honestly, its not their fault. If allowed to work freely, the security forces won't take much of time to clean up India of these obnoxious weeds scattered all over, But that word- ALLOWED carries much weight in itself.

So why is India just tolerating? We don't have the capability to crack down on these terrorists? Or the Civil Nuclear Deal or perhaps the election season are much more important. We all know who's behind these persistent infiltration in our territories but yet, the Government is too numb to act. This silent, unjustified tolerance by the so called Biggest Democracy, Fastest growing Economy, makes one wonder- Are we not armed enough? Mind you, armed by means, not by weapons. We repeatedly pledge and re-ignite our vows on international scene to fight terrorism and yet at home we so often fail to prevent the now-so-common militant attacks.

Its plain simple, these terrorists have no agenda, no demands, no target. They hit and will hit wherever and whenever they get the opportunity. So its upon the Government to prepare the very assets of this country- the people of India to fight against these trespassing, correction VIOLENT trespassing. India have actually forgotten the best way of fighting any dreadious disease- PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. That how we keep away from them. Its about taking a strong front and adopting a clear cut agenda. If we adopt the zero tolerance policy as by Russia or USA, there is no way any militant would dare eye us.

Yes, we are peace loving, but not cowards. Yes we like to solve situations amicably, but not at the costs of innocent lives of our own people.