Flowing ideas or perhaps Knocking Oppurtunities!!!

Better than i thought, went in hibernation at 8 last night and a 11 hour (interrupted for 30 bucks, not joking) sleep really did a lot of good for my dieing eyes and subconsciuosly working brain!! There is nothing better than a sound sleep.

As was to be carried out, the daring task of going through the heavy traffic of Sharjah at 8 in the morning, was rather quite easy, sleeping on the way was something i never did before. So the night and the morning session belonged to my newly made friend, sleep!!

The feeling of mixed emotions is not new, specially when its caused by one specifc person. Confused- No ways, Mind Games- May be, Sympathy-Yes. But one thing was prooved wrong today, you can still pull or perhaps force your arrow back after shooting from your bow. And surely, the reputation of this specific person got enhanced. He grew taller than Burj Dubai for me!! But yet the blunder remains unresolved, hopefully tommorow, INSHALLAH!!!

Back to office, it was time for some rescheduling of appointments and some organising. Absolutely done of plastic money now, i hate banks, got one more, but quite sexy, today. Am thinking of buying a visiting card holder to arrange the plastic money!!! One more netbanking password to remember and one more card PIN!! Seems like in a couple of years, people will need a CARD MANAGER for themselves!!! And i surely know a lot of people for this job.

As they say, oppurtunities come knocking, just let them in, and perhaps, did exactly the same today. My Twinings Earl Grey Tea (I love TEA now) companion dropped by for cuppa and neither he was disappointed neither would i regret that cup! Another idea and perhaps another oppurtunity. But its true, friendship have absolutely no age and thats exactly what 2 people installed in me over last week.

On another front, social responsibility, there seems to be no development today, or perhaps people are upset with my way too polite (thats what i intended) attitude. But haven't heard from any of them today. Thats something i am very serious about.

Another meeting cancelled, and another wastage of time, that seems like the trend of week, 6 times in 5 days is much more than trend, its routine!! Seems like meetings this week were meant to be cancelled!!

Seemingly impossible, but true, the roads were like waiting for me to roll through! Literally flew through the roads! Wished it would be so forever, but some wishes are never meant to be fulfilled.

Well its almost 9 and by my newly fixed bedtime, its an hour over so got to crash soon and hope for an uninterrrupted doze!!!!!