Too much to do!!

Well, as expected my new sleep schedule lasted for 1 day and couldn't crash before 12 the last nite. But that also after some soul searching and some meaningful interaction with my mentor!! Yes, at 12 in night and its not too late considering our earlier interactions, some were even at 2. Am all up for business, even it means NO SLEEP.

My new alarm tone- Onkar is something i am getting used to, i put it on snooze everytime, the earlier church bell was better, it irritated to the core and i have to stop snoozing and get going. The way to office was never as pleasing as today, a precious hour to discuss so many new oppurtunities (and to hammer the bank balance) is something any business minded person would cherish, but unfortunately today was for something else, but not something less cherished though.

To see somebody pushing oneself for someone else' benefit, was a new thing. 2 hours wasted in the ministry taught me a new lesson, no matter how others behave, the final call will always be yours and that one moment is enought to show your character- Either you fall from grace or rise to peaks. And someone did rose from peaks to peaks, for me atleast, in 2 hours.

And then the change of guard, literally. I hate carrying excess baggage, though it did upset someone, but i said NO to myself as well. Waiting for ages for a checked in baggage at airports is certainly not my cup of (earl grey, class you see) tea. And thats something i am very particular about.

The work never ends and as evident, its only an hour to go to airport, i am still finishing up things. The 'instruction lists' have to be distributed. Thought don't feel like leaving the office unattended, its still for business!!

This may be the earliest to be published note but have to sign off for the day early from the online community!!